It only took forty years - but I got there

Today I walked out of the dentist’s with my denture in my handbag - never to be worn again! Following a traumatic bike accident 40 years ago, I have been wearing dentures from the age of 12. I made a life-changing decision before Christmas 2017 and can now smile with confidence! 

Dr Greg became my dentist in 2013 and within short order started to talk to me about options for my teeth. To be honest I was resigned to the fact that I would always have a plate even though I had dabbled in exploring dental implants. At each subsequent check-up I would relay my irritation with the colour of the false teeth and how my top lip lacked support due to the bone recession. We would look at alternative options, I would learn some more and leave it at that. I did however start to build up a picture of Dr Greg’s progressive approach to dentistry and began to realise his interest lay in finding solutions for patients. Take my latest crown - using a 3D printer, he was able to replace a tooth with a crown all in one visit. I was impressed.

At my last check-up, during the same conversation with Dr Greg something came over me. My work situation was not secure. I needed to be at my best to conquer the next career challenge. Questions began to flood my head: What is the point in being dissatisfied? How can I improve my smile and whole appearance? During that visit I had made the decision to go for the bridge. 

After Christmas, it all kicked off and within a month, I am now able to smile with confidence. I am so grateful to Dr Greg for involving me in every aspect of the treatment - right down to nipping to Hammersmith to meet Barry (at Gardiner and Coates) who would be creating the bridge. Together Barry and I worked out the colour, the shape, the length.  I felt overwhelmed with emotion on occasions and whilst I wanted the work done, I realised I needed to process the stuff I had been harbouring during my 40 year secret journey wearing dentures.

I felt the support from the team at W Dental throughout the treatment. I spent a lot of time in the chair and had frequent trips to make. I off-loaded and they listened to my story. They gave me tissues at the right time and allowed me to witter on even though they had to keep their eye on the clock. They were intrigued by the fact that I had never told anyone - not even my children. And, they were equally amazed that my children had not worked out I was a denture wearer when I revealed my secret.

I am really pleased with the teeth I have now. The fit is great, the teeth look fantastic in colour, shape and they look real. I can safely say that I have never been as happy with my smile. My secret has now turned into a success story. Here’s to the next 40 years.