Dentistry has evolved significantly  over the last decade with the introduction of 'digital dentistry'. With the help of new technology teeth can be photographed in 3D  enabling more accurate diagnosis, while crown, veneers and inlay restorations can be created from start to finish in just one appointment.

W Dental Smile Studio have embraced the new technology enabling us to treat our patients with an even greater  level of care, accuracy and speed . We have invested in the following Digital Dentistry technology to assist us in delivering fantastic results for our patients.

CBCT 3D Scanner Machine

Our CBCT machine (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) is a real game changer us and is used for digital radiographic dental imagery. With this we can quickly obtain 3D and 2D x-ray images of your whole mouth or individual teeth which is vital for fast diagnosis and treatment planning.

CEREC 3d system

With our in-surgery CEREC machine we create crown, veneers and inlay restorations that maybe needed for broken or cracked teeth in just one appointment. This hi-tech device will scan the area of the tooth where the restoration is required, taking accurate readings from which it will produce the restoration ready to be coloured and bonded. This means less drilling, injections and messy impressions.

What does digital dentistry mean for patients?

With  modern dental technology  we can combine a high-quality professional dental service with caring, reassuring, fast and more comfortable treatment. We aim to keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital dentistry to ensure we harness the very best procedures for our patients, this should make your visits to us an overall more pleasant experience and your treatment first class.